I was in Singapore a month ago, taking my friends from Java to visit Singapore for the first time, we took the first ferry to HarbourFront at 6  AM Indonesian time, pretty sick. Each ticket costed $26 with the return ticket and tax included. We arrived at about 8 AM, had a quick breakfast at McDonald Vivo City but the breakfast was not what we were looking for we just wanted to shorten the time.

Our first destination was The SEA Aquarium, as SEA stands for South East Asia, just in case you’re wondering, SEA Aquarium is basically a new home built by humans for 100.000 sea creatures. The ticket itself costed me $36 including the monorail ticket.

I was there for the jellyfishes only, I simply love how beautiful they are. Even though some of them would sting you to death, they are still my little adorable creatures.

I took photographs using my friend’s DSLR, with kit lens, pretty basic, my Nikon D7000 battery ran out that day. I was lucky enough the SEA Aquarium was not so crowded that day, I was able to photograph the Aurelia Aurita, Catostylus Tagi, Chrysaora Hysoscella, and the famous Phyllorhiza Punctata. Enjoy the photographs!

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