Staying In Batam View Beach Resort | A Short Holiday Trip With A 4 Month Old

This was my first time taking my small family to a short vacation, we’d been planning to take a longer one and I was thinking that probably spending a night at a resort could give me the idea of what it’s going to be like being on a real vacation.

Batam View Beach Resort was my wife’s and of course my choice as well, it is situated in Nongsa, an area in Batam that’s surrounded by its local atmosphere. I gotta say Batam View is an old place, but that’s why it’s always interesting. Plus it has that chic feeling around the place. You can easily feel the vibe and the originality of a resort, I have stayed here several times and this time I took it to the next level, by bringing my 4 month old baby.

Everything went basically well, the only hassle I had was with the check-in, I wasn’t so sure if it was because of the undergoing renovation or the new staff, but it did take some time. It would have been nice if they could consider that we’re bringing an infant. 

It was a fun short holiday, the best thing about Batam View is that it has a lot to offer, the jetty you can fish from, the kelong area with its seafood restaurant, the breakfast is one of the best, always.

The room is big and spacious and it has some of the best furniture, the wifi works great.

We enjoyed the sunset while fishing on the jetty (the jetty is very fishy)

Right, enough with fishing. 

Bringing a 4 month old baby turned out to be fun, the staff was very helpful with the baby stroller and all our belongings, the only thing that bothered me a little was the check-in process. That’s all.

Overall it was an enjoyable experience and I will definitely come again for perhaps longer vacation, I would really love to try out the swimming pool (there are 2 of them in the hotel area)

If you’re looking for a resort that has its convenience without sacrificing the nature Batam View is a good choice.

For the pricing, the rate is affordable and it comes with breakfast for two. I spent around $40 to stay the night.

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