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We are always faced with options, but some choices are just so hard to make. Deciding is never an easy thing. At least to me.

I always have something in my mind, something to express or at least to talk about, but then when I try to put it into writing, it’s a whole different thing, yes it clarifies and make things clear but it just makes it clear just how blank of a mind I have when it comes to producing words.

I love writing, that’s it. I guess this is just a phase, hopefully.

Do other bloggers or writers experience the same thing?

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I've always believed that everybody needs a space for themselves, like a canvas, a place where they can mess things up, show their work, share what's right to them and what's wrong to them. To me is a place where I put some colors and shape to my canvas as an effort to clarify my journey and experience, and even my thoughts.

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