I gotta say, I’m a very mobile person, I spend a lot of times in the outside world, and I carry many things. 13 inch laptop, 2 mobile phones, a backup power, a laptop charger, one medium size notebook, pens, cables, and the other knick knacks that I always want them around me when I need them, not to mention I like taking pictures with my DSLR and a 50 mm lens.

I’ve been using a new backpack, a Kalibre Viogy 01, and I’ll let you know what I think about this backpack.

Disclaimer: This is not a supported article, everything I say in this article comes from my own personal opinion about the backpack.

Before we go a little further with my backpack, I think some of you need to know that I’m a person with flexible schedules, I work as a freelance IT chief in a shipping company in Batam, that is why I always have to carry my laptop everywhere I go, so I’m always ready, I love writing, I have online shops, that is why I have to mobile phones, I also love to make photographs, but I don’t always have my camera with me.

Before I bought the Kalibre Viogy 01, I used a Torch backpack, a 50L Torch Bali 4.0, it’s a big backpack, I consider it as a travel backpack, because I used it to travel to 3 big cities in Indonesia and I gotta say, I loved it, but the time has come to me to buy a new smaller backpack just so it would feel right for my daily activity, and after some researches, I decided the Kalibre Viogy 01 as my new friend who hangs out on my back.

What I really like about the Kalibre Viogy 01 is that first, it looks really good, I like the combination of black and dark grey, and it looks cool because it has that simple sleek look that doesn’t seem really fancy, but goes along with my liking.

Main compartment

Secondary compartment


Outer compartment

Kalibre Viogy 01 comes with 3 main compartments, main compartment for a laptop and books, second compartment for the utilities such as pens, phones, cables, and pens, the last compartment I use for my laptop charging cable. Kalibre Viogy 01 also comes with a rain cover, perfect if you love to enjoy a rainy day, like me.

Using the rain cover

Overall this backpack is perfect for me, there’s nothing I don’t like about this backpack. the build quality itself is promising, the foam feels comfortable, the zipper feels really smooth, it doesn’t feel as cheap as it costs, you can get this backpack for around $40 or Rp. 465.000.


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