I’m not a genius, I don’t do amazing things, I haven’t changed anyone’s life, but one thing I know for sure about me is that I’m so damn good at fixing things. There is this one broken light stand in my room, you see how bad it looks, it fell on its face and damaged itself for so many times. The foot was made ofconcrete, and it was 1 meter long I guess. But now I’ve done some improvements and I stick it on the wall because it can’t  stand anymore so it needs a little help, and now it works again and brings light to my room so I can read my books and feel comfortable. You see, this light is very special, because it represents myself on how I live my life, when things get hard, when the world hits me so hard that I find it hard to breath, I tell myself “it’s okay, I’ll find a way”, and I always do, when bad things happen and all I see is hopelessness, I tell myself again “it’s okay, I’ll find a way”. Till one day, I realized that, maybe that one broken thing just wants itself to be replaced, maybe this is the time for that one broken thing to leave and I’ll just have to find myself another one, and I guess I just made the right decision, so for the first time in my life I finally said “there is no way, and it’s okay”.


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