There were times when I tried to be liked by everyone I encountered with, this, even though it might not sound so wrong, I felt like there was something terribly wrong about this, turned out it was totally wrong.

One day I saw a saying that said “If everyone you know likes you, you have a big problem”

– I don’t know where this is from, but I read this and it helped me think

Man, that time I felt like I was everyone’s favorite, I had a modest amount of clients that I helped, and and and the bad thing was that I always tried to agree with them and I always tried to find any reasons I could to express my agreements, I tried to say yes and compliment their ideas even though deep down I felt like their ideas were somehow silly and sounded like complete shit to me, why did I do that? I had no clear idea back then, but I wanted them to like me because I agreed with them. I felt like a fake.

I think it took me a while enough to realize that I had been doing something wrong, especially with my business. What did I do after that realization came to me? I tried to change obviously, but it was not so easy, because you just have to be nice right? you don’t just come to your clients and say that their ideas are shit. So I began to look for some ‘nice’ words, phrases, plus I worked on my delivery for expressing what I felt, and it didn’t work out that easily, I still wanted them to like me, I ended up feeling like a fake.

This is where I realized, where maybe, maybe I just did not have to be involved in their businesses or projects, simply because I had zero agreements with my clients, another project maybe.

And yes, even though now I don’t work on as many projects as I had before I work on my projects with less stress, I work on projects that I like, I work with people that I agree with, I am a happier person, and I don’t feel like a fake.

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