My Work & Contribution

I believe in contribution and hard work. I introduced myself to work ethic in my earlier life in college, I began to take small steps to know how it actually felt working with other people. Nowadays, I focus on helping around people and some various forms of industries which include education, environment, technology, and business doers.

There are many ways to learn, and I believe the best way to learn is by doing whatever it is you want to learn.

I took on challenges which shaped me into someone who knows when to say yes and when to say no. I am not the person who always says yes to a project, this is an understanding that I want to share with my clients, that I might know some other guy or a company that could probably do things better than me. That way, I only work on what I believe I’m good at, in another way too, I avoid competition.

Of course sometimes I do group projects, and this is a fun way of being productive especially if you’re working on big projects. I collaboratively work with my associates and friends whose the experience and the expertise needed to finish a particular job. That is why I also recruit some people to join me, and I must say that this concept brings out a lot of benefits and it is a good way to learn more from others. 

On this page, I share some of the services that I do professionally. Although the area that I cover is practically wider than what I’m able to describe, I hope this information can give you the idea of what it is all about.


Personalized IT Services

I help people run their business with their customized email domains, office setups, and peripherals.

Web Development

From simple company profiles to online stores and even Learning Management Systems.

General IT

From software to hardware handlings, big operational machinery like CNCs and printing devices.

Who I Worked With

I aim to get involved with my client's businesses, that way I manage to discover more of what they need.

Have something to talk about?

If you’re starting a business and need a supporting app or you simply want a company profile website for your company’s identity in the internet, I’m always up for it!

Or check my service rates first.

Web Hosting Management

starts from:
Rp 2.269.000
  • Unlimited storage
  • Includes first year domain purchase
  • 24/7 maintenance and support
  • Up to date plugins and supports
  • Standard email services
  • Unlimited bandwith
  • Upgradeable memory

General Web Development

starts from:
Rp 3.969.000
  • Multi-purpose WordPress sites
  • Static company profile websites
  • blogging websites
  • Online stores
  • Personal customized websites
  • News portal
  • Learning Management System

Customized Web Apps

starts from:
Let's talk!
  • Internal business tracking
  • ERPs
  • Financing
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Logistic and freight supporting apps
  • Goods tracking apps
  • Monitoring apps

Why Work With Me


Thankfully, I have always managed to find a way in order to complete a project


I work collaboratively as I believe it is a good way to keep the business sustainable


I take every aspect of a project with care, no resources are going to waste.


I believe in communication and relationship, I like giving more positive impacts to clients


Yes and no, my company PT. Suka Bagi Indonesia only covers IT, multimedia and social works. As some people might already know, I also work specifically in education, that way I only work as a freelancer.

Of course! My pricing is only there to fill in the gaps, also the world of tech is too dynamic to be limited by service packages. Requirements can also be very flexible.

I do if I can handle it all by myself. But, when things got big I love breaking them down into small pieces and recruit competent people to work in collaboration with me.

Yes, I personally would not take on music based projects.

Yes! I’ve actually hired people from different companies to help me out. 

Most of the projects that were done by me took a few weeks, and bigger projects done in collaboration sometimes took up to 4 months. It all depends on the situation and the challenges.

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”-Henry Ford

Whether you’re here to share your needs with me or you simply just want to talk about business, you can email me on or just text me on WhatsApp.