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Let’s start this shit with a quote just so that everybody feel motivated and shit. Because we need it.

The biggest project you will ever work on is you

Holy heaven, I don’t remember who said that

I am now listening to Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen as I’m writing this article. Just. So. You. Know.

We have our own world right? It’s a place where you get to have a talk with yourself, this is where you ask your own self ‘hey man what do you want to do now?’ and the answer is probably ‘ IDK LOL, how about we be lazy today and do nothing’ and then you say ‘but man, I have a little curiosity about artificial intelligence, shall we give it a try and learn it?’ and your other self would simply be in the same agreement with you because you have a very strong will and you know how to control you.

That was what I had, a discussion with myself, It’s just that I asked different questions. So I asked myself, am I still me? Am I still an authentic being? Am I still trying to achieve the same dreams I have been trying to achieve since I was a kid?

That is why I want to start a new journey, a journey which we all need but not all of us have the realization to do it. Do you remember when we were kids and when somebody asked us what our favorite color was and we answered it like we knew which red color we meant (I know red is red) and what kind of meaning yellow brings to our lives? And when your teacher on your first year in elementary school asked ‘Hey Herman, what do you want to be in the future?’ and you authentically said out loud ‘ A FUC*ING FIREMAN, MA’AM!

See, being a fireman was what Herman wanted to be, but Herman grew up in an environment where he was not supported or sponsored to be a fireman, he was shown how being a fireman was not going to make him happy, he soon considered being something else, something else better than being a fireman, he asked around for what’s better than being a fireman, he was offered some options, suggestions that replaced his honest dream of being a fireman.

That was just me trying to make an example of how some people’s dream just fade away and even be forgotten. I’m not saying that your childhood dreams are the best dreams, but I personally think those dreams that you spontaneously expressed (or if you were a shy kid, you would just keep them for yourself) are beautiful and they reflect your genuine and authentic selves. Your favorite color of yellow that you’ve favorited since you were a little girl just because you like it shows that there could be parts of you that you’ve discovered when you were younger and you still keep them till today.

That is why I want to start this self discovery x self development journal, I want to discover myself again, to look deeper into myself, build the best version of me, be more honest, with that I can crank up my self development game.

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